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> Jerry,
>   Re:  "Establishing a NAFEX Life Membership has been considered more than 
> once with the board, and dropped. Frankly I'm the greatest proponent and 
> need support if this were ever to become a reality.,"
>   What if a libraries order lifetime memberships?  Do they ever die?

Hi Jim,

Glad to know I have a comrade for LTM. Yes, I served on the board when it was 
considered once. I was in favor, but nearly the only one. 

If set up properly it shouldn't die, it would keep paying and growing. If the 
fee were based on actuary tables, no it wouldn't go on forever.  But actuary 
tables (fee based on age) make LTM fees complicated.  As a matter of policy 
I'd suggest LTM be in an individuals names only. So a librarian could purchase 
one for his or her lifetime, at their home address, not the employer. 


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