[NAFEX] Membership

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun Feb 10 11:40:38 EST 2008

    Below is Dr. Chiranjit Parmar's letter.  To answer his challenge, why 
don't we offer two forms of membership?  For those of us who appreciate 
being able to post messages AND receive the Pomona, our subscription would 
remain the same.  We could have another subscription sans Pomona that would 
be appreciably cheaper.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar wrote "My suggestion is that the NAFEX should change 
its outlook.  It should not
remain NORTH AMERICAN but should turn ALL WORLD FRUIT EXPLORERS.  This is
the age of globalization and the world is shrinking.  So NAFEX should try to
have members from ALL parts of the world.  Now fruit exploration is not
limited to one continent.

The factor which is going to obstruct member enrolment from developing
countries is the exorbitantly high price of US dollar in developing
countries.  Forty dollars is a quite big sum even for university professors
from several Asian, European and African countries.  So something should be
thought about this.  Moreover, in many countries, it is nearly impossible to
remit subscriptions in foreign exchange."

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