[NAFEX] Leaves?

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Sat Nov 24 02:15:00 EST 2007

previous quote:
"Did anyone else note that the leaves took a long 
time to die and fall from apples trees this 
my testimonial: -I know that I started pear seeds 
this spring and divided them in one group of 7 
and another of 5. I left the 7 group at home in 
western Washington and brought the 5 with me to 
Quincy Washington in August where the skies were 
consistently sunny and hotter than at home. In 
October I returned home and the observation I 
made was that the group of 5 that I had brought 
back home with me were losing their leaves but 
not the 7. (wind was not a factor) Now the group
of 5 have totally shed the leaves for since at
least 3 weeks ago and the 7 group still had them
1 week ago in spite of strong winds but with
continued winds most are down now.
Possibly this plays down the magnetic influence 
theory. Maybe one is to conclude that weather 
plays a strong role in this.
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