[NAFEX] Pixie crunch fruiting in fall

Stefan Brandle sbrandle at css.taylor.edu
Sun Nov 18 20:28:32 EST 2007

My little pixie crunch got frozen out this spring along with the rest of 
the plants. I noticed sometime in September (or so) that it was 
flowering again. I patted it gently on the head (so to speak) and told 
it that I appreciated the effort, but that it shouldn't get too set on 
producing fruit. "Wait until next spring and fruit your heart out then" 
I advised it.

Anyway, it has fruit on it. About 3/4 inch diameter (~2cm). Given where 
the temperatures are heading, this is not going to end well. But here's 
the point of this posting: Could pixie crunch be self-fertile? To the 
best of my knowledge, nothing malus-ish of mine was blooming. There may 
have been some flowers on a neighbor's crab. I didn't look at the time 
and didn't notice anything. We only have three neighbors who have any 
form of apple within a 200 yard/meter radius.

So, it doesn't prove anything, but maybe pixie is self-fertile.

-- sb

In zone 4B and changing, where pixies are making magical apples.

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