[NAFEX] the invading wineberry

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 17:56:33 EST 2007

     Thanks for the headsup on wineberry.  In this region the invasion is
complete, I think, and they'll be no turning back.  I wonder how it's
decided that a plant has passed the threshold into the category of
invasive.  Kudzu is obvious as is barberry and multiflora rose.  Wineberry,
as it grows here is not all that dominant and where I see it growing it does
not create any kind of monopoly the way barberry dominates the understory or
multiflora dominates a field.
     When I see squirrels climbing all over wineberry plants, hungirly
devoring thier fruit I doubt they feel the plant is excessively invasive,
but what do they know?  OK, I'm kidding, but given the extreme imbalance
created by what I consider the over-the-top expansion of human population I
think maybe this species could look at it's own dominance of the land as the
only truly signifcant invasion of wilderness on this planet.  What ever you
do be very careful where you plant humans!
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