[NAFEX] Rose Hips

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun Dec 16 11:24:50 EST 2007

Stephan Sadler wrote:  "Use the rose hips for jelly and tea, on its own or 
with black or herb tea.  Rose hip syrup is nice, too; I like it with 
sparkling water.  Maybe a little  bourbon. it's an old Vitamin-C tonic, 
that.  The syrup, not the bourbon"

    Here, at Brambleberry Farm, we make alot of rose hip syrup.  When we had 
our lab tests done so we could list contained nutrients on the label, we 
were surprised at the amount of Vitamin C in the Rose Hip syrup, "nearly 
negligible."  Apparently the boiling that is necessary to leach the flavor 
out of the hips destroys most of the Vitamin C.  It still tastes fantastic 
but not quite the amount of Vitamin C that we hoped for?
    Have you tried our Sweet Sumac syrup yet?  Sumac syrup has a taste that 
resembles a citrus and is one of our better sellers.

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