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I order large amounts of material from St Lawrence & have never had  
an issue.  When a couple things needed replacing, I called them on  
the phone, (which I think is the best way to get ahold of them) &  
they were very helpful & interested in my plantings & promptly  
replaced the material in question.  Also for me, they run the nursery  
organically (tho not certified) & they are one of the few that do.   
This is a family operation that is very very short staffed & I think  
it's more than likely that you contacted them during their busy time  
& the emails were lost in the mix.


On Aug 7, 2007, at 7:26 AM, Jim Fruth wrote:

> Scott,
>     My experience with St. Lawrence Nursery was equally as negative  
> as yours.  The trees they sent me were severely damaged before they  
> shipped them - one was split from root to branches and the other  
> was shaped like a cane.  Like you, I wrote to them and received no  
> answer.
> Jim Fruth
> Brambleberry Farm
> Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
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> I emailed the nursery twice, once when the plant was in serious  
> decline
> (within 2 weeks of planting) and once after it was obviously  
> showing no
> signs of list (above ground at least).  I have yet to hear a reply  
> on either
> contact.  I had checked the watchdog rating of SLN before having  
> ordered and
> the nursery has good ratings, but my experience has not been  
> positive at
> this point.   (I think I should ask a question so this post has a  
> point)
> Anyone think this Bali has a chance of throwing a root shoot or am  
> I more
> likely to have to pull the remains and try again?
> Also, has anyone left a negative feedback on Gardenwatchdog.com and  
> at what
> point did you do so?  I don't want to affect the rating of a  
> company for
> which I've heard such good things, but my own experience has been
> disappointing.
> Scott Hills
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