[NAFEX] They are predicting lows of 21 F for Friday night, and Saturday night

Stefan Brandle sbrandle at css.taylor.edu
Mon Apr 2 14:21:01 EDT 2007

 > SB, are you sure the infection after the freeze was fireblight? One 
spring after a frosty cold wet bloom season, my trees ended up w/ 
something like FB but I did some research and decided it was Pseudomonas 
blossom-blast. I never took a sample to a plant pathology lab (it was 
alarming only on one old pear tree), but I will probably have more 
chances in the future.

Good question: it had the blackening, the shepherds crook, etc. And it 
was killing of the bartlett pear trees at a pretty good clip. It also 
hit the jonathan much harder than the red delicious (which I am getting 
ready to regraft to something that I care for) and the lodi. I didn't 
take pictures, but what I saw on google images seemed to match up. So I 
think that it was fireblight, but I didn't have it checked and so I 
guess that I don't know for sure.

-- sb

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