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Dennis Norton dmnorton at royaloakfarmorchard.com
Sun Sep 24 18:07:03 EDT 2006

Today we had over 40 gleaners at Royal Oak Farm Orchard from the 
organization Gleaners for the Lord (http://www.gleanersforthelord.org/). So 
far this year (2006), as their web site indicates, they have distributed 
free of charge to the needy in Northern Il. over 1.3 Million pounds of food. 
Last year they gleaned hundreds of bushels of apples from our orchard.  They 
assist us with the cultural practice of removing our drops from the orchard 
floor while at the same time are able to feed the less fortunate in northern 

Next Sunday there will be over 100 gleaners as the regional chapters of 
Gleaning for the Lord come to the orchard once again to glean our drops from 
the heavy U-Pick drops we experience each week.

There are many other regional organizations that practice the concept of 
gleaning all over the United States.  If there are those of you who simply 
do not have time, as we do, that need or want your drops of left over fruit 
picked, try one of these gleaning organizations.  You can find them by doing 
a Google search for "gleaners".

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> On Sep 23, 2006, at 6:43 AM, Jim Fruth wrote:
>>   I didn't
>> have time to pick them, so I made up a sign saying "FREE, pick your own
>> raspberries."  The director told me that the sign probably wouldn't do 
>> any
>> good.  His clients desperately want raspberries but only if I pick and 
>> bring
>> them.  Just in case, we hung the sign anyway and we hung it where it 
>> could
>> not be missed.  The director was right.  Nobody came.  The berries 
>> ripened
>> and fell on the ground with no one to pick them.
> Wow.
> In the Bay Area here, there's an organization that has volunteers that 
> pick fruit for delivery to the poor, disabled, etc.
> http://villageharvest.org/
> Unless the fruit doesn't taste good, seeing fruit rotting on the ground is 
> a sad sad sight.
> Spidra Webster
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