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Jacquelyn - Mark Lanmon here.  I’m the one living near the Tibetan Plateau,
trying to help an ethnic mountain people get some fruit into their diet.
The handbook you describe below is of great interest to me.  I would like to
have some help creating a “picture book” of grafting instruction.  It
needs to be all pictures because most of the third world people who would
benefit from the book will be illiterate.  It needs to picture materials
that third world people have available to them.  In other words - no store
bought stuff.  The book could even go beyond grafting and show some pruning
instruction and other care procedures.  Fruit drying techniques would also
be a good thing to picture.  Does anyone in Nafex have some art skills?  Is
anyone willing to help make this picture book?  It could be used by many
language groups.


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I believe the grafting book you're looking for is Fruit Grafters Handbook
(2001), a very nice, user-friendly little book by Tom Burford and Ed
Fackler, both NAFEX members. I don't know it it's still in print or not. Ed?
Tom? Any information?

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