[NAFEX] Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.)

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Jerry, I suggest that it be entered in the NAFEX Library where any
interested member can access it. -- Sam Brungardt
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Subject: [NAFEX] Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.)

Hello all,

On the 1991 Russian Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) / NAFEX exchange
trip we saw some Sea Buckthorn. Jim Gilbert & Hector Black are very
experienced with this. 

There may be a computer data base of cultivar information in the Russian
language on varieties. While there I was given (the others on the trip
may also have same) a booklet written by Maria Pleckenhova (now
deceased) titled "List of Descriptors for Hippophae rahamnoides L."  The
introduction says "The present list of descriptors has been designed to
unify the described characteristics of Hippophae rahamnoides L.  for the
accumulation, storing, and processing data in computerized data bases." 

The 24 page booklet in Russian and English contains no varietal
information. I have no use for this booklet and would be happy to gift
it to anyone actively working with sea buckthorn who may have access to
such a data base or wished to record such using existing protocol.
Although I'd imagine such a data base would be accompanied by the
descriptors. I thought I had a booklet of their varieties, but can't
find it right now.

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