[NAFEX] Richard's Pomegranates

Nate nrhora at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 17:58:17 EDT 2006

Great effort. Donna. When you see smoke, there usually is a fire.
So...if you have a beach-side property (such as my friend George does)
and you're all sitting on the patio having a couple of margitas (best
way to beat the heat) and you see a couple of fool hardy kids trying
to make a raft on what you would assume is your territory rights
claimed. What do you do? Try to make a bigger raft and see if you
catch'em before they're out to sea.

Well they actually weren't making a raft (they had string for some odd
reason) You'd be amazed what your imagination will come up with after
a bunch of them suckers and seein drift wood.

It just turned out they were going to steal some for a bon fire later,
and thought there wasn't anybody lookin around. As harmless as an
activity this was, we weren't going to permit that. They should be
doin other kiddy things, such as riding a bike, going to the public
beach (not down our neck of the woods) swimming...or whatever else you
would on a hot sunny day. Beats lounging on the couch, watching tv.
(like some people I know)

So after a quick foot chase, they eventually dropped the drift wood,
and we stole their idea...had a great bon fire that nite, don't
remember much of it, must of been a good sign.

Enjoy your summer folks (I know I sure will, one way or another)

On 7/27/06, Kieran and Donna <redherring at tnaccess.com> wrote:
> Hmmm... could the cheapskate have put some weird products in his gas tank,
> "guaranteed to fix a leak"?   We had some 4 wheelers coming on our property,
> they tore up a steep slope that will now proceed to gully and wash, made me
> want to use all kinds of profanity so it must go with 4 wheelers in general.
> They stopped coming after I finally caught up with them and hollared that
> we'd post the whole property if they didn't stay away.  I also said they
> were causing erosion, and managed not to use a single bad word, so I'm proud
> of myself.    Donna
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