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Hello Richard,

Your questions are in italics. 

You are fruiting Rosseyanka, a kaki hybrid.  How does its flavor compare to 
pure kakis?   Taste is an individual sensation. I've tasted Saijo and Hachiya 
and would compare them more closely than the non astringent varieties. People 
who sample the fruit all agree it is very good.  

Could this be sold commercially?  But more as a pulped or pureed product than 
fresh fruit. They ripen very late and shriveled, not very eye appealing. As 
Lucky wrote, the skin is very tough holding the soft sweet pulp as if it were 
in a paper bag. Over this past week end and yesterday I cut the fruit from my 
tree, soft ripe and pulped about 60 pounds of fruit. It pulped out at 70% +/- 
producing 33 pints of beautiful orange pulp with very little black material. I 
can sell of this no problem at $4.50/pint. I estimate my total time to cut 
from the tree, wash in clean water, pull off each calyx which is persistent, run 
through the colander to be 7 hours. You do the math. Yes, I believe Rosseyanka 
has commercial possibilities. 

I've also cut fruit from the tree pealed and hung with string by the calyx in 
Japanese fashion with success. Don't remember the name for it right now. 

How do Asians used to pure kakis respond to Rosseyanka?  There is a local 
Asian market and wanted to take them fruit to test this question, but as I have a 
waiting market for all the pulp I can produce all went through the colander. 
Plus it slipped my mind and too late for this year.   

Would it sell in markets, that is, does it have similar shipping and storage 
traits as pure kaki?  Defiantly unlike non astringent kaki. But very similar 
to astringent kaki. 
Does Rosseyanka have traits that make it less susceptible to KSD? David 
Pierce has seen KSD in his Rosseyanka, I haven't. My personal belief is, and I 
could be dead wrong, KSD is a symptom of kaki in trouble from any of more than any 
one single cause and not a disease in it's self.  Yes, I believe Rosseyanka 
is less susceptible to KSD, especially seeing it is so winter hardy. David 
heavily fertilized his was and I suspect went into the winter too tender, was 
damaged, ...shepherd hooked, but not killed. I have a cutting here from his tree 
that exhibited shepherd hooking with no problems here and fruited this year.   

Does Rosseyanka do a better job of surviving the -10 winter lows, the later 
spring freezes and fluctuating temps, or both?  Absolutely survives -10 every 
year thus far.  

Does Rosseyanka break dormancy later than the kakis you've fruited?  
Rosseyanka breaks dormancy and flowers at the same time as virginiana whereas my kaki 
have been about a week to 10 days earlier. 

Are the buds more cold hardy than pure kaki, either dormant or after 
budbreak? Yes.
Cliff England sells another hybrid (Kent?).  Have you tried to grow or tasted 
this?  See my response in another message this date titled "Kaki hybrid 

Any other hybrids you know of, with similar cold-hardiness to Rosseyanka? 
None that I know of. Nikitiskaya Bordovaya (NB) is a daughter of Rosseyanka back 
crossed to kaki. Is larger fruiting, nice red color, earlier ripening and 
delicious. But too tender for commercial growing in zone 5b. I also have 
Rosseyanka seedlings here (planted in the wrong place, poor soil) that are hopefully 
back crossed to virginiana, not apomictics, but haven't fruited yet. I sent some 
seed of NB to Japan for embryo rescue and two seedlings are in existence 
there. Hopefully they will fruit in a few years. I may get scion wood from them 
next spring. 

Both of these hybrids can be purchased from One Green World and Raintree 
nurseries. They are the intellectual property of Nikita Botanical Gardens in Yalta 
and receive royalties from the sale of trees.    

Jerry Lehman
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