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I've had them chew through this and girdle a young apple so I switched to the white plastic spiral  tree guards - no chewing problems since and I get the same SW injury protection plus they are easier to use and can be re-used about half a dozen times before they shatter.

zone 4a 

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Hi All;

It's Richard Murphy (again). Zone 4 Maine.

Last month I wrapped 70 apple trees (2 or 3 yr old) with that white colored tree-wrap from Gemplers or Home Depot.
It said it also protects against rodents.

After 2 weeks I went back up to check on things.
All the tree wraps were cool, except for one.
Something chewed through one of the wraps, but didn't touch the bark at all.
Maybe there was a bug under the fabric.
The fabric is tough but stretchy, so this wasn't easy to do...
All the mulch is pulled away from the trees. 
Has anyone used this fabric against voles / mice ???
Is it effective, or do I need to run back up there with some hardware cloth?
I lost 20 of 90 trees last year. Don't want a relapse.


Richard Murphy


Any sources for Evans cherry trees in addition to SLN and Fedco ?
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