[NAFEX] Info on "Stringfellowing" root pruning?

Rodney reveland at collinscom.net
Wed Dec 28 00:16:22 EST 2005

Googling:   Stringfellow root pruning     finds a book in the NAFEX library 
by a fellow named Stringfellow.

Do a CTRL F function and search on String and he'll be the only hit you get. 
The name of his book is:
THE NEW HORTICULTURE so now we google on

Stringfellow the new horticulture  and we find a particular website that has 
his book entirely readable on the web.


I have no idea if this is the fellow you are looking for but he sure talks a 
lot about root pruning. It appears his
name is Henry Martyn Stringfellow.

Anyhow, good luck in your search. 

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