[NAFEX] nafex Digest, Vol 35, Issue 54

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Tue Dec 20 21:47:12 EST 2005

It gives a range of zones for zip codes that contain, well, a range of
zones.  Even in a very large area of a single zone, one might live in a
microclimate; the best way to know your zone would be an historical record
of low temps right where you are.  Which isn't to say some extreme cold snap
won't come along.  We had one in the eighties where the temperature was zero
one morning in an area where the all time record low was something around

I do find the Sunset zones more informative than the USDA ones, btw.

Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.

USDA 9, AHS heat zone 8, 

Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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It lists my area as zone 6-8 .....  accurate, maybe, but not very precise!
(I'd say I'm about a 7 - 7b)

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> There's a ZIP lookup here but it doesn't appear terribly accurate 
> to me (it listed my area as zone 6-7)
> http://www.gardenhere.com/Zones.shtm#
> Good luck!
> Pete Chrisbacher
> SE PA - Zone 6B

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