[NAFEX] Tolman Sweet apple

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Sun Dec 11 17:56:29 EST 2005

Yes sweet, but more like good honey than a candy or soda.  Texture is not so 
crisp as many people like.  It also has a rougher skin-- but not russetted-- 
which can be points against on taste-tests.  I have 2 trees probably Tolman; 
one had a more complex 'gourmet' flavor but didn't keep as well as the other 
which isn't quite as rich a flavor.  And this 2nd one is getting sweeter in 

Both my Tolmans have good branch angles naturally, and have better disease 
resisitance than average.  Bore w/o supplimental irrigation in a drought 
year (Antanovka on light soil w/ silt subsoil.)

Try before you plant a tree, and store some a while, but if you grow a tree 
it will be in the 'grower friendly' group.  (Intervention required for 
decent fruit, but not tree health.)

tc, z 4/5, s.WI

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From: "Richard MURPHY"
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Subject: [NAFEX] Tolman Sweet apple
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Hi Guys;

The FEDCO trees catalog says this about Tolman Sweet apples:
Unique. You like them or you don't.

Anybody ever eat one of those Tolman's??
Are they good ?
Do they taste like s h _ _ ?

Richard Murphy

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