[NAFEX] excitement!

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Thu Apr 28 21:20:08 EDT 2005

After years of waiting, I have one cluster of flower buds on my 
Jonathan tree!  Also, the multi-graft tree appears to have a single 
apple bud (the only one unkilled in the cluster) on the Tydeman's 
graft.  There is hope.

Next year, I will have to try some surround at silver tip.  Who knows, 
maybe that will keep the bugs from chewing up whatever buds there are.  
If that doesn't work, maybe I need a fungicide, too.  I hadn't been 
spraying since they hadn't gotten old enough to bear, and the leaves 
(once they open) look pretty clean.  But I see I was complaining of 
tiny caterpillars last year, and they are back this year.

I have a bad feeling that the moth that lays the eggs won't care about 
a little Surround, but maybe it will help.


p.s.  On a brighter note, my little apricot was covered with blossoms 
for about 3 days.  I went out with a cur-tip, and I did see some 
bumblebees around then, so there's a definite chance of fruit.  I guess 
it's just easier to grow obscure stuff than it is to grow stuff that 
lives wild, and has a built-up supply of pests.  At least, until your 
obscure plant has been there long enough to attract it's own ecology of 
pests.  :)

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