[NAFEX] Apple wood

Erdman, Jim ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Sun Feb 22 21:19:11 EST 2004

Art mentioned some kinds of fruit and nut and other trees that he thought would be worth growing.  
My question has been, "what varieties of (apple, pear, apricot, etc, etc) should I grow for the best (fastest, clearest, finest grain, etc) timber results.  If I seriously want to plant black walnut, for example, I can find out which varieties are best for timber, and which are best for nuts.  I'm looking for similar information on pear, apple, apricot, plum, cherry, etc. 
We find that hickory trees are probably beyond their natural northern range in our area--they will grow if planted, but you don't find any older hickory trees around.  Butternut is common in our neighborhood, as is basswood (have a couple of basswood trees sawn into boards and carving blocks drying in the shed).
We have some mulberries and some seedling apricots that have been growing well, and that I may harvest for the wood.
Speaking of apricot, I think that I got these from Bear Creek some years ago.  Does anyone know of a current source of the siberian apricot seedlings?
Jim Erdman, in Menomonie, WI


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