[NAFEX] PawPaw Seed Germination

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 I had missed the part of keeping the soil warm.  Will take your suggestions
after the cold storage period this winter.  Thanks very much for your
advice.  Isabella

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Pawpaw seed usually doesn't germinate until it gets quite warm, such as 80 F
or above, and the soil has to be quite warm.  Your seed may not have gotten
warm enough.  Try using a heat mat under the pot/flat.  You might even need
to make a "sweat box" by putting the pots inside a wooden box with a piece
of glass over the top of the box.    Once they germinate, they will grow at
lower temps.  Your handling of the seed was fine, otherwise, as long as the
seed didn't get dry.  Pawpaw seeds can die when they are dried.

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Subject: [NAFEX] PawPaw Seed Germination

NAFEX Members -- 

I have some fresh pawpaw seeds that I would like to germinate.  Last year I
kept gathered some fresh seed, put them in moist peat moss in a plastic bag,
kept them in the refrigerator over winter,and potted them in the spring.
None germinated.  

Would appreciate it if someone had some ideas on how I should proceed this

Thanks very much. 

Isabella Sammons 
Zone 7, Manassas, VA 
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