[NAFEX] RE: Lindane

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Fri Jul 26 09:10:44 EDT 2002


In regards to organic versus pesticide use, I can only compare my sister
in-law's orchard to my father in-law's.

She follows all the prescribed organic practices religiously, while he uses
a relaxed spray program only.

When her meager crop of apples is exhausted, she eats her Dad's.

Two orchards of the same size, one organic barely feeds a family
(preserving/fresh), while the one with the relaxed spray program feeds 4.5
families (preserving/fresh/cider).

My opinion... Properly applied pesticides are no risk.  Keeping in mind
that organic "tobacco spray" and "rhubarb sprays" can be lethal.  There is
a good balance that can be achieved between the two approaches.


Southwest Ontario
Canada Hardiness Zone 6a
(similar to US zone 5)

On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Bruce Hansen wrote:

> Lindane may be nasty but it works. Of course the air in Lansing
> Michigan is nasty stuff.

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