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Mon Dec 17 12:19:21 EST 2001

I would aggree that John, David, and Clark, are reported to be barely 
edible but I have heard quite the contrary of Ure. Can't say though 
cuz haven't fruited it yet but it is reported to be as good and as 
large as Bartlett. (Which ain't bad for a zone 3 pear!

A note about Ure and Summercrisp. They have weird hardiness traits, 
one winter I will get heavy dieback from one but not the other, 
sometimes in a mild winter. Frank Foltz reported the same in his 
zone 3b site. Both however have done well some winters with extreme 
deep winter cold. So I'm guessing that one is susceptible to fall 
temp. fluctuations and the other is susceptible to spring temp. 
I am experimenting with Kalebasa Plocka, a pear from Poland that 
hopefullly will produce next year. I am fruiting it in S WI and also 
have one planted in N WI to test its winter hardiness. (Listed as a 
very hardy pear).

Also, Buerre hardy is not necessarily winter hardy, the "hardy" in its 
name does not refer to its winter hardiness, or so I read. I had been 
testing it but lost it last year to rabbits.  As far as I know it 
hasn't been tested in a colder climate than France.

Bob Purvis rated Hudar highly for taste but Bernie reported its not 
that hardy, at least not into zone 3 (or some other Canadian pear 
grower, was that you Bernie?) So far it has been doing ok in my z 3 
site but we have had mild winters since 1997.

Golden Spice is a nice little pear, but don't let it get your mouth 
watering, its not that nice, it is sweet and juicy, but has a short 
shelf life and the term spicy is deceptive, it means it doesn't have 
that stong astringency of the typical ussurian crab, just a tiny, tiny 
hint of it, which isn't objectionable, but neither is it spicy aroma- 

Frank Foltz rated Gourmet to zone 4, and one of the best tasting for 
that zone. Its not resistant to FB if I recall.

Turnbull Giant died back nearly to the graft in a couple of mild 
winters for me in zone 3, I suspect it would do nearly the same in 
zone 4, maybe not, the nursery ad was a lie when it says "grows 

Patten is hardier than Parker and a good pear. It seems to lack the 
eratic survival of the Ure and Summercrisp. 
 Kevin B

> Bernie noted that winter damage most likely to happen on trunk and
> scaffold limbs.  Makes sense to have those hardiest cultivars
> available.
> -Joe
> >
> >
> > Beirschmitt - s
> > Beurre Hardy
> > Clapp's Favorite - s
> > Clara-Frijs
> > Clark - r
> > Colette -
> > David -r
> > Douglas - vr
> > Flemish Beauty - s
> > Golden Spice
> > Gourmet  (z?)
> > Hardee  (z?)
> > Harrow Sweet -r- (z?)
> > Harvest Queen -  vr
> > Herman Last - r
> > Hudar
> > Hybrid Pear (for wildlife)
> > John - r - (z?)
> > Jubilee
> > Karl's Favorite - mr
> > Kieffer - vr
> > Lincoln
> > Luscious - r
> > Manning-Miller
> > Maxine (Starking Delicious) - r
> > Nova - mr
> > Parker
> > Patten
> > Pepi - fb immune
> > Sauvignac
> > Shipova
> > Sirrine
> > Southworth
> > Stacey
> > Stacyville
> > Summercrisp
> > Sun Pear
> > Turnbull (Turnbull Giant)
> > Ubileen (z?)
> > Ure
> > Vermont Beauty (z?)

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