[nafex] Ripening pears

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Fri Sep 29 23:35:39 EDT 2000

Thanks, Ed, just the kind of answer I was hoping for.  Will these (our first
of the season) two nights of hard frost have a significant effect on the pears
yet unharvested?  How 'bout on Asians?  Thanks again.

Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:
> Rich:
>      In our experience, the most fool proof way to ripen most all European pear is
> by guaging pressure of fruit near the stem.  This can be done very easily or when
> there is a slight give, pick them and store as quickly as practical to 32-34
> degrees for a week to 10 days.
> Then bring them out as needed and allow to ripen at room temps (65 or so) for 3-4
> days, sampling each day.
>      In a home refrigerator, take them to the lowest practical temp (perhaps 38)
> and handle as described above.  Keep in mind that at higher temps (even by a few
> degrees) overall storage life will be reduced.
> Ed
> "Richard J. Ossolinski" wrote:
> > Hello, all,
> > I've never cared for Euro pears, despite their sometimes wonderful flavor.
> > It's the texture (mouth feel) that doesn't agree with me.  Furthermore, they
> > have rarely done well for me, despite my giving them plenty of attention. In
> > this light I have been converting my Euro trees to Asians, which are much more
> > to my liking and which grow well here with very little pampering.  However,
> > this year two or three of my remaining Euro trees are laden with gorgeous
> > fruit, most of which is rapidly approaching harvest maturity and is just too
> > good to waste on a cider supplement.  Here's where I need some advice: what's
> > the most foolproof (notice the careful choice of words) way to assure timely
> > harvest and successful ripening off the tree?  I know this has been discussed
> > in the past, but my prejudice (against Euros) has always caused me to turn a
> > deaf ear (again I refer you to the 'fool' in 'foolproof'.) Perhaps  your
> > comments will lead to a reprieve for these last few trees.  Thanks in advance
> > for any guidance.
> > Richard
> >

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