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mike tomlinson tugger at netreach.net
Thu Dec 21 09:25:56 EST 2000

thanks but I would think our climate is too different to make the info applicable.  I
am also part of an affinity group here in SE PA of fruit growers so I'll kibitz with
them a bit.  thanks

del stubbs wrote:

>         Mike, there is, believe it or not a Minnesota grape growers group, and they
> have a book out "Growing grapes in minnesota" i believe is the title,  ill
> look em up if it sounds useful.  minnesota del
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> >Subject: [nafex] grapes
> >Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 01:13:30 -0000
> >
> >I plan to put in a small vinyard next spring on a south facing slope
> >in zone 6 in SE PA. Temperature extremes go from minus 5 degrees or
> >so to 100 degrees with adequate rain fall and lots of humidity. Total
> >space may be 1/4 acre.
> >
> >I grow apples, keep an organic garden, make hard cider and now would
> >like to branch out into small scale wine making.
> >
> >What varieties should I consider?  Can it be done organically? Any
> >suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.
> >
> >Happy holidays to all.
> >
> >Mike
> >
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