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Wed Dec 20 01:35:15 EST 2000

I had ST. Edmonds Pippen a few years ago. I have a problem with pre 
harvest drop and it was  too early.  It was a pretty looking apple.  
It was a graft on one of my trees.  I replaced it with Brown russet, 
a later ripening apple.  MIke  WA. --- In nafex at egroups.com, 
edforest55 at h... wrote:
> Ashmeades Kernel survived 43 below here in N WI., but with some 
> difficulty, I rate it a zone 3b apple. It may have difficulty 
> ripening in short seasons but B Mckently's wife told me that it is 
> little damaged by fall frosts, maintaining its texture even after 
> falling to the ground and laying around in the cold, in the fall 
> after the hard frosts. Haven't fruited mine in Minocqua yet, St 
> Pippen is supposed to be the earliest ripening of the russets.
> Kevin B

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