[MSAR] Home on the range...

Pam Ogg hoofbeat at avolve.net
Sun Sep 30 20:36:34 EDT 2007


I'm going riding with BJ tomorrow and then will go to the farm where one
will be able to find me until Wednesday afternoon. Won't get there to take
phone off call forwarding until Monday afternoon..  Not that there is
anything earth shattering you'll need me for..agenda can wait until next
week ( love bringing up the "A" word, Ms. Pres.)  

Marie you sure lit a fire ( who know how long it will burn,,,)under Gerri
Rini..she was talking about going riding  and trailering with you and then
she got excited about the obstacle test.. Started asking how many events we
have each year.told her as little as three or four to remain active and as
many as 12 to 15 if she wanted to dive in. We'll see, but she sounded
different than I had ever heard her sound...

Everyone seemed to have a good time on the ride.  Pat Maas was full of
enthusiasm...and since she has resigned from the parks due to their not
appreciating her, she is looking for a cause/ group that WILL appreciate
her.  Would suggest a MARIE call to see if she might like to come our way...

Stacy Coe was delightful  but  non committal..She'll come to us on her
own..or perhaps Darrell can continue with his brand of charm,

By the way Darrell said, "YES" that he definitely want to participate in the
BOA demo!!

Alice, IF GERRI RINI stays interested, she would like to practice one DAY at
your farm before the Oct. 14th.  When I get back from the farm or maybe
after I get back from Cleveland ( over the w-end) may I call you an work out
a day  that  that would be possible?  Would be happy to move stock etc. if
you tell me how.

All this is late because the contractor who is going to work on our trails
just called to say that he can meet with me tues. night before starting work
next w-end..so I'm packing and writing and trying not to forget anything.

More than anyone wanted to know I'm sure.

Tootles, Pam

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