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MessageNot necessarily.
The #1 limitation on liability reads that the volunteer must be acting "within the scope of the volunteers duties for the organization at the time of the act or omission".
I've not yet heard or read of a volunteer search team who's duties were precisely spelled out to include the provision of medical treatment. 
www.runquist.com/article_vol_protect.htm "Volunteer Protection Act of 1997-An Imperfect Solution"
www.aysoreg13.org/Doc/volpro.pdf - a more formal version of the text
www.leewardayso.org/Pdf/description.pdf "Volunteer Protection Act of 1997-What it means to you"

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  You should also be aware that Federal law protects non-profit volunteers from liability under the Volunteer Protection Act.

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    I'd certainly offer to assist with anyone injured, but in a "Good Samaritan" capacity expected of anyone else. To offer services at a higher level of training would be inviting trouble I think. 
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