[monkeywire] Chimp vs. Snake. Snake wins.

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Mon Apr 30 12:38:33 EDT 2007

Chimp Dies at Los Angeles Zoo After Snake Bite  
  Aug 02 2006 2:30PM  
    (AP) The Los Angeles Zoo is coming under fire after a second animal has died in less than two months. Judeo the chimp died after being attacked by a snake.
  Judeo lived in the popular Mahali Mountain exhibit. The rattlesnake was hiding in a bush when it attacked him and bit him on the hand. At first zookeepers weren't sure what had happened, so they separated him from the other chimps.
  Judeo was attacked at 1 p.m. and allegedly no one was called for two hours. Some critics say that response was too slow.
  At first veterinarians gave the chimp Benadryl instead of Anti-Venin. Zoo officials say the Anti-Venin can also be dangerous.   
  There have only been seven cases of animals bitten by rattlesnakes at the zoo in the last ten years.
  Just over a month ago the L.A. Zoo's female Asian elephant Gita died in her yard. Animal rights activists blame it on mistreatment and claim it took hours before zoo workers and doctors moved in to try to save her life.  
  Officials say in this case they did all they could do.
  Officals have performed a necropsy on the chimp to try to determine the cause of death. Results are pending.

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