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Fri Jun 15 00:32:21 EDT 2001
Monkey Man 'reappears on Moscow-bound flight'

Russian media are reporting a plane passenger flying from
Delhi to Moscow acted like Monkey Man, who terrified
residents of the Indian capital recently.

Pravda reports the man bit a stewardess before security
officials and passengers subdued him and tied his hands and
feet together.

He was arrested when the Aeroflot plane landed in Moscow and
was immediately sent back to India.

The paper says the man "shouted something crazy and made
indiscriminate assaults" on passengers and crew.

His arms and legs were eventually tied together with tape.

On arrival at Sheremetyevo airport, he was detained by
police. They checked his travel documents and found his visa
was invalid.

He was then deported, the Pravda reports. It's headline
says: "Monkey Man Attacks Russian Airliner".

Story filed: 15:30 Monday 11th June 2001

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