[Market-farming] Crows

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Sat May 21 15:51:15 EDT 2016

Crows are rarely a problem in our seedling corn, but here are two organic
methods of control that've worked for us.

---Shoot, trap, send significant other(s) to pick up roadkill; somehow
secure a largely intact dead crow.  Hang securely from a tree limb or a
pole in the corn patch, with clear sight all around.  Kept crows away for
two years, from pecking our apples and esp. Asian pears.  See internet
diagrams for a crow trap.

---Didn't believe this one when we saw it, but we put it in of necessity
2-3 yrs ago to stop corn damage.  Put stakes about every 30-50 ft as
needed, stretch string or ribbon between them, several feet high.  Every
3rd-4th row if pressure is not too bad.  Make sure to include edge rows of
the planting.  Was explained to me that the crows are leery of flying in &
out of the strings.  Whether coincidence or not, it worked immediately for
us.  Guy who taught us this, he lives near production corn fields, and he
swears by it every year.
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