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Guy and Sandy Ashmore guy at thatguysfamilyfarm.com
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Hi ,

 I have to agree with Gary,I believe tunnels (high and low) are a very
important way for farmers to increase income, especially new farmers. We
have been using tunnels for over fifteen years. Our first ones we made out
of bent electrical conduit (still using them). They are easy to move and
the smallest is twelve feet wide, seven feet high and sixty eight feet
long. We have added manufactured ones over the years of different sizes.
The biggest being 30x96. We also use small caterpillar tunnels. Yes, we are
working year round but instead of 80+ hours a week we are working about ten
in the tunnels. Year round income from greens and storage crops are needed
for us.

To go back to Bill's original post about innovative ideas the one we have
seen that is we really liked is at Green Edge Farm in SE Ohio. I believe
they have around ten 30x96 high tunnels, year round growing. They plant in
a bed system, I believe six beds (not raised) Above each bed they have a
high tensile wire about 18" of the ground running the length of the tunnel.
The wire has one ratchet to keep the wire tight, just like the ones used
for high tensile fencing.The support post for each wire is approximately
two feet in from the edge so you can walk around the ends or move a tiller
around. They place there row covers and plastic on this wire and can cover
and uncover the entire hoop in a matter of minutes by one person. We
haven't incorporated this into our tunnels yet but plan to.

Thanks Bill for bringing up good topics

Salt and Light,

Guy and Sandy Ashmore
That Guys Family Farm

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