[Market-farming] Ginger

mikerock mikerock at mhtc.net
Sat Feb 28 15:01:30 EST 2015

If it had been Lutefisk no one would have touched it!!

On 2/28/2015 10:10 AM, Shoemaker, William H wrote:
> This issue of delivery trucks dropping off packages without even
> attempting notification is beginning to bug me (a horticultural
> disparagement). While I haven't had plant material damaged yet, we had a
> package delivered by USPS in December from my mother-in-law with
> excellent things for the season, like WI cheese. We had no idea, it was
> a surprise, We found it the next day with a hole in the side where a
> squirrel had tried to pull out a plastic bag full of lefsa (obviously a
> Norwegian squirrel). Everything else was intact though. What really
> bugged me was that it was certain that we were near the front door when
> it was dropped off. Just one knock, or hit on the doorbell would have
> done it. There needs to be a better way of ensuring packages are handled
> safely. It could have been a neighbor instead of a squirrel, then the

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