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Karen, very glad you posted, was worrying about you.

(Your post is of course still worrying; but at least you're able to post.)

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 6A now I think
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On Aug 30, 2015, at 10:50 AM, Roots Farm wrote:

> Utter devastation around this little island.  Pictures galore on Internet.  20 human lives snuffed out; other lives not yet counted.  Houses, bridges, roads, vehicles swept away or buried in torrents of mud and raging waters.  Our farm badly hurt by major landslide — huge amount of soil gone, down to bare rock and with it close to a dozen mature fruit and coconut trees, large plantings pf yam and cush cush, so much more.   But farm next to us, almost totally destroyed — again, soil GONE — not just short-term loss,  How many more farms so damaged unknown, but likely many/most as most of Dominica is mountainous.  Survival of farm families willbe problematic and food will be an island-wide problem.  Communications still down in much of island and so many roads still blocked by landslides/flood debris, including that of our little village.  Soils that stayed in place are super-saturated and potentially hazardous.  And another storm on the way……  
> Disasters like this a good values/priorities reminder.  I’m dying for a shower and water, but around the corner folks are just dying and we’re really basically OK.  Rate of regeneration in tropics astounding, as is resilience and spirit of people.  It will be OK but certainly very hard for a long while for a lot of folks.  
> Meanwhile, if anyone wants to help Dominica recover, looks like best conduit for donated aid may be Dominica Red Cross.  
> Address to send emergency items and relief to the Red Cross Dominica:
> PHONES.. 767-448-8280
> 767-440-2483
> 767-615-8414
> EMAIL…. directorgeneral at redcross.dm
> There is also a crowd-funding site started that may be an easier vehicle:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dominica-erika-disaster-relief#/story
> with love, wonder, terror, heartache and gratitude,
> Karen
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