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michelle rome michelleann7 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 6 20:58:08 EST 2014

On the east coast we have an AgrSupply, Southern States and Tractor Supply. I have bought plenty of small attachments from these folks and the have worked out. You should have good luck with these attachments with a small tractor. I don't know how wide the rows you are trying to cultivate, but I have had good luck with spring tine cultivators in light soil, if the weeds are not too high. Another option for small gardens is getting a small tiller attachment for tractors like a Woods or Kuhn,discussed plenty on this site, and using it for cultivating always trying to add soil amendments and rotations between rows along the way. Again small weeds. I have more land than I can use, so I tend to use wide rows and space things out. If you also have this consider spacing your rows out and using a 4 foot disk harrow for cultivating. I have had fabulous success with this method. 

Most of the folks on this web group garden or farm labor intensive on small plots. I am moving in this direction with small tractors versus using hand labor. So to answer your question look for new more economical places like aforementioned. There should be some type of guarantee with a purchase from a business. Alternatively look at buying a cultivator so you can move the cultivators sideways along the bar incase you don't have rows exactly situated. I bought two of these last year for about 500 dollars total. You need to be able to turn a hand wrench for this option.

Write back with specifics on what you are trying to do and your future desires.

Michelle H.
Romy Farms
South Carolina

On Saturday, January 4, 2014 9:26 PM, eglatyne tds.net <eglatyne at tds.net> wrote:
I want to buy a cone spreader and a 5' cultivator for a small Kubota tractor, and I would like to have some suggestions on which companies make the best attachments and what is a reasonable price. I live in Washington and most of these machines appear to be shipped from the midwest or east coast. And getting used equipment would be nice if I had some mechanical skills. Thanks for all the wonderful information you have for us beginning farmers Carol, Sweet Briar Herb Farm. 
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