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 From Logosophia
Just Published!
By Alan Chadwick
Reverence, Obedience and the Invisible in the Garden:
Talks on the Biodynamic French Intensive System
Introduction by Dr. Rodney Blackhirst

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280 pages
16 talks
8 pages of photos

English-born Alan Chadwick was considered by E. F. Schumacher to be the
greatest gardener in America. Chadwick was an early force in the
reintroduction of organics into horticulture, creating gardens of
exquisite beauty and fertility in the 60's and 70's. He restored ancient 
methods of fully conscious gardening, which were originally alchemical. 
Through his deep connection to Nature, coupled with his tutorship under 
Rudolf Steiner and studies in some of the great gardens of Europe, 
Chadwick developed what he called the 'Biodynamic French Intensive 
system'. In these lyrical talks, transcribed from taped lectures given 
to his students, the practical aspects of gardening, such as composting, 
irrigation, seeds,raised beds and bloom, are shown to have a spiritual 
substratum. Chadwick was a practicing Shakespearian actor, a painter, a 
musician, a mythologist and a storyteller, and brought all these parts 
of himself into the creation of what he considered the greatest art: 
becoming a simple gardener. These inspired transmissions from Alan 
Chadwick bring the reader closer to the living presence of Nature.

Table of Contents
Introduction by Dr. Rodney Blackhirst
The Proscenium Arch by Stephen Crimi
Nature's Medicine Chest
Everything is Governed by an Invisible Law
Bloom and Area of Discontinuity
Intellect, Reason and Idee
Seed: The Utmost Idee/The Least Metamorphosis
Energies and Elements
The King of the Golden River
Ley Crops
Raised Beds
Fertility/Merchant and Seer
The Garden as the Mirror of Man
History of Herbs
Energy, Color, Herbs
Annotated Bibliography

"Praise for Respect, Reverence and Obedience in the Garden"

I feel sad when I think how I could have met this beautiful wizard of
plants, but didn't know Alan Chadwick was there to meet.
But at least these years later, it's as if he's sitting right here
addressing this crazy lost time, his implacable hopeful blast of the
do-ability of peace as a thing of living through plants sprouting inside 
us as a great medicine. If you are already a plant person you probably 
know Alan Chadwick and will love this book. If you aren't you'd better 
read Reverence, Obedience and the Invisible in the Garden.

Martin Prechtel, author of The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic:
The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive

A magnificent work from one of the plant geniuses of our time.
Essential reading for all who want to deepen their relationship with
plants and the Earth.

Stephen Harrod Buhner, author The Secret Teachings of Plants and
Ensouling Language

Alan Chadwick demands rigorous thinking while, at the same time,
offering to his readers and students an invitation to enter a world that 
we might call fanciful, but which is real enough to result in the most 
inspiring gardens imaginable. Reverence, Obedience and the Invisible in 
the Garden is an essential book for the gardener and plant person of any 
stripe, to be read, savored, and read again.

Deborah Madison, author of Kitchen Literacy and
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

We can be inspired even now, upon reading these lectures, by the work
of this great man. And in some small way, we may bring his inspiration
into our own lives, so that we live not merely for our temporal selves.
We can become in tune with the infinite, and bring the blessings of
Eternity into earth existence. In so doing we bless and uplift the Earth 
planet, and ensure its future.

Dan McGuire, Retired Horticulturalist and Beekeeper

This is a most beautiful book, transcribing Alan's lectures into a
language wherein the reader can receive the spirits as they come through 
Alan Chadwick's field of perennial wisdom. This book is a national 
treasure to all gardeners and lovers of the Earth.

Barbara M.V. Scott, M.Sc., author of The Joy of Biodynamic
Agriculture: Living with the Unseen Forces Behind Nature
and Transmissions From the Canid Nation

You will learn much from and about Mr. Chadwick in this book. His style
of delivering knowledge to students was never dull nor pedantic. He had
the ability to give wings to the imagination and fire the will. Yet, he
always said he was never a teacher; and finally, I have come to
understand what he meant. To Mr. Chadwick, Nature was the teacher, and
perhaps he was just reminding us how to open up all of our senses to the 
real Teacher. And though, he didn't believe himself a teacher, I believe 
he gave to me the greatest gifts a teacher can bestow: a sense of wonder 
and reverence for Life and the World, the tools to work with Nature, and 
the drive to carry projects through to the end. And all gardeners know, 
as did Mr.Chadwick, The Garden demands nothing less.

Gregory H. Hudson, Waldorf Teacher, Eurthymist, Musician, and Gardener

When I read his lectures I hear the cadence and passion of his
voice. Alan's eyes sparkled, his smile was deep and mischievous.
He was intensely alive, alert and full of love for all the beautiful
things that fill this planet and make it warm and soft and tasteful and
fragrant. He loved plants and reminded us of their gifts - clean air,
food and medicine, fiber and flower. He loved birds for their singing
and flowers for their enchantment and beauty. Alan was an inspired,
disciplined, and energetic gardener who, with the help of many young
people, transformed a hillside into a productive garden. He was there
working from dawn to dark each day. Beautiful, fresh and high quality
organic vegetables and vibrant flowers flowed in great abundance to the
community from this garden while its soil grew more friable and fertile
each year. May Alan continue to light a fire inside the hearts of those
who read his words and visit his archive.

Jim Nelson, Camp Joy Gardens

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