[Market-farming] Home and farm insurance recommendations?

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You are correct in the idea of having two LLCs.   By separating things you may protect the farm property and other assets.

Here's an example of a farm that has two:

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On Feb 1, 2013, at 7:21 PM, Beth Spaugh wrote:

> In New York, Farm Family and Nationwide.  I think Erie Niagara also, but they are reputed to be more picky about what the place looks like.  We have farm/home property and liability, umbrella liability, and vehicle though them (and they know the vehicles are used commercially).  One of the first things I did when starting to farm was switch auto insurance to Farm Family for business use coverage.
> Am looking into forming an LLC, and actually have been advised to form two: one for things that happen on the farm (equipment, CSA visitors, farmstand visitors) and one for things that happen off the farm – vehicles, farmers market, off farm CSA.  If I remember the explanation correctly, with just the one, someone could go after our retirement assets, but if we have a multi-person (put daughter on as 1%), with the property and house in that one, it would protect that.  Of course, that means paying to set up two LLCs rather than the one, and going from none to two. But, I have retirement assets from previous worklife to protect, and the property/house is paid for so is an asset.
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> I realize we've covered insurance here before, and I'll check list archives.
> But we are shopping anew, and curious if anything new to think about, new companies/policy types to consider.  
> Home, farm, and liability at farmers markets, limited restaurant and private sales.
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