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Never really needed to bend it.  If I need to bend it I do it cold on my buddy's roller or break.  I personally do not like bends using heat and a torch because they are usually weak and break.  That may be my own skill or lack of engineering talent.

I am more likely to use a small hand held propane torch to heat up metal that is "stuck" say a bolt or locked bearing or something.  They usually do the trick.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I bent metal.  Everything is in straight lines.  Anything that is "bent" is a tension device and creating one involves more than a little heat and bending and usually easier to simply purchase (like s and c tines for a cultivator).

I know that may sound silly but I am trying to think really hard about what we have constructed and the only metal I have bent was EMT for quick hoops or actually wiring in the barn. :)  We made a really nice simple chair frame to bolt on wood bottom and backs for the person who rides the potato planter.  All straight and angle weld, no bends or curves.

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