[Market-farming] snapping tops off carrots

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Thanks for the description of the carrot topper.  I've never seen a carrot

I plant with an Earthway - walk down and back to get the two rows.  It seems
to work best 6" or closer.  I say that because when I get off to one side,
right over a row, the other row is not loosened.

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So how wide are the tops of your ridges when you plant, and what is your 
planter?  I can't get any closer than about 8" with 2 Planet Jr.'s 
unless I run a single planter down the ridge twice.

I have seen a Scott Biner carrot harvester, and I don't see how a 
table-top hand-feed version would be feasible, unless maybe upside down 
without the belts.  The machine undercuts, grabs the tops with two belts 
held together tightly with multiple rollers as it transfers the crop to 
the topper, which is a set of several blunt blades that slide together 
like your fingers if you spread your fingers and slide the fingers of 
both hands past each other to lock your hands.  Maybe somebody else can 
run with that.

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