[Market-farming] employee bonus

Tom & Melanie limerock at thirdplanet.net
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Short version:  pay the lady

Long version:  We would not consider it a “bonus” but simply paying for what you received.  More hours plus more responsibility equals more money.  Pickers usually do not make as much as equipment operators per se.  

Just don’t pay her “your” wage, as all us owners/operators know that nobody else would work for $4.00/hour.

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This question may not be an easy one to answer because every farm situation is unique but I am wanting to pay my one employee a bonus for the one week this season when she managed the farm on her own while I was away with my family for a vacation.  We are a small farm without tremendous sales or resources (especially during this drought year) but this was obviously a big deal both for me (allowing me to be off the farm) and a big deal for her (as her hours and responsibilities went way up).  Thoughts or experiences to share anyone?

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