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> I certainly see plenty of wasps in my greenhouse, though.  Is there a preferred OMRI approved control or just knock ' em down at night?  

Unless they are posing a threat to us working nearby, we leave the wasps alone, as many varieties help with caterpillar and other pest control. If they are posing a stinging threat to humans, we just wait till dusk and knock down the nest. The exception here are yelliwjackets, which are very aggressive. Only OMRI approved control that I know of other than knocking the nest down (which is dicey with them due to their temperament) is to have a licensed exterminator remove them with a vacuum. In our case, we hired a beekeeper after one of our workers found them nesting in our rosemary bush. 

The paper wasps, potter wasps, great golden digger wasps, and red wasps just ignore us. 

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