[Market-farming] Jang fertilizer hopper

Antoine Gendreau Turmel fermecouleedouce at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 20:05:31 EST 2012

Bonjour Etienne!

I've had mixed results with the fertilizer hopper. It does what it's suppose
to do, but I feel it is made for chemical fertilizer with higher nutrient
content than the pelleted chicken manure or crab meal I use.

A roller that delivers more fertilizer is something I will try next season.

But then you run out of fertilizer fast. So the hopper extension is a must.
And all that fertilizer does add quite a bit of weight.

So it's not perfect but I think it pays for itself pretty fast with money
saved on fertilizer.

By the way I add pelleted chicken manure prior to making the bed on heavy
feeding crops. The fertilizer hopper is only for root or leaf crops.

Antoine G Turmel

Ferme de la Coulée Douce
St-Antoine-de-Tilly, Québec

Le 27/01/12 11:32, « Etienne Goyer » <etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca> a
écrit :

> Hello everyone,
> A question for those with a Jang seeder.  I am looking at the fertilizer
> hopper, and wondering how well it works with organic fertilizer
> (pelleted chicken manure, blood meal, etc).  Anybody who has one willing
> to share his experience?
> I have a fairly fertile soil, so I do not fertilize heavily.  However, I
> like to provide a little boost, especially early in the season.  Right
> now, I incorporate a little pelleted chicken manure when forming and
> tilling my beds, based on what is being seeded/transplanted there (more
> for brassica, less for roots, etc).  The reason I am looking at the Jang
> fertilizer hopper is that 1. I could spread less fertilizer, saving a
> little money, and 2. stop giving weeds between rows a boost by applying
> the fertilizer more precisely.
> At 160$, the hopper is definitely not cheap, and I am not sure it is
> worth it.  Hence why I would like to hear from other people who used it.

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