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Tue Aug 21 21:39:34 EDT 2012

Richard, can you send me the contact info for the gentleman who rebuilds  
them?  I contacted one such individual and he's no longer doing that  work.  
We aren't ready to buy yet but we can see it on the horizon, and we  may as 
well start making those contacts now.  There's always the debate  about 
whether to buy one as-is, particularly if it's been used recently (and  some of 
them out here are still in regular service).  But there's something  to be 
said for someone already having gone through it, top to bottom, evicting  all 
the little monsters.
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
Ruminations - essays on the farming life at  frogchorusfarm.com/weblog.html
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A  cheaper way to go would be to get an All-Crop harvester and drag it 
behind  your tractor.  There is a guy here in Ohio that rebuilds  them.
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