[Market-farming] Raspberry pests

Marlin Burkholder burkholders at glenecofarm.com
Fri Aug 17 00:22:41 EDT 2012

Thanks Tom, Richard, and Bill for your suggestions.
This evening I picked raspberries on the newest of our 3 rows and then
Marlin sprayed with Malathian.
I picked 5 pint of berries which I will use for tea/juice; as most of them
are soft.
The second batch of white maggots we put in a plastic jar.  I loosened the
lid and many of the maggots crawled out onto the tray below the jar.  I put
some of them back into the jar with the raspberries with a cloth lid and
some in a plastic cup with plastic wrap over it.  This evening it looked
like many had escaped the jar and the ones in the cup had died.

On 8/16/12 9:28 PM, "Tom & Melanie" <limerock at thirdplanet.net> wrote:

> The recent issue of American Fruit Grower has an article regarding a new trap
> for spotted wing drosophila.  Believe the trap is nicknamed Œred zorro¹ and
> the trade name is CAPtiva.  Seems this is a pretty new pest, not a lot known
> about it, and new ideas are starting to flow.
> Tom
> Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market
> Near Lake Erie, OH
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> Marlin and Christine,
> We in VA have a state entomologist, among whose duties is to identify
> agricultural pests.
> There are keys that help entomologists identify insects at all life stages,
> including the larval (worm) stage.  (One of my summer jobs was identifying
> thousands of insects, one at a time, under a low power microscope.)
> So for your pest(s), I would catch the offending 'worms', put them in an
> alcohol/water solution, in a small jar, and take to your county ag extension
> agent.  Our tax dollars are at work to enable these services.  You may also
> benefit from a visit, since these are causing economic damage.
> A positive ID, by VA Tech extension, would help the rest of us in VA and
> neighboring areas.
> How you choose to manage the pests are up to you.  Once you have a certain ID
> on the pest, and hence its life cycle, control strategies are much more
> effective.
> Hope you get it figured out,
> Richard Moyer
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