[Market-farming] Animal and neighbor problems

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Wyatt brings back some old memories of the first year I farmed, 1963.   Had 
a neighbor that would not keep his bull home, and it ended up in my 
pasture,  trying to breed our purebred Holstein cows.  I went out and rounded up 
the  bull, with my dad's help, this bull was a little smokey, put him in a 
small  corral so he wouldn't jump out.  I called Paul and told him his bull was 
in  the catch pen and please come and get him.  We of course I gave him hay 
and  grain twice a day along with other chores, a month later I call Paul 
back and  ask him again to come pick him up, with on avail. Well it was quite 
a while  after that, one Morning we had a truck loading hogs for the Omaha 
market, well  there happened to be enough room left on the truck for this 
bull I had been  feeding for 2 months we just loaded him on the truck and had 
the trucker put the  bull in my neighbors name and sent him to the market 
and had the money sent to  Paul.  We belong to the same Church and still get a 
good laugh.
Don't mess with this guy get the law involved, they are not good  
neighbors.  You have rights.
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