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Several years ago I purchased a Tingley Rainsuit.  It came with the jacket
and Bibs.  I have used this same suit for over 7 years.  I have spent
countless hours on my hands and knees picking strawberries, transplanting,
weeding etc:  It is very heavy duty with no rips and tears.  The elastic
shoulder straps on the bibs have long given way but they are very easily
replaceable.  Not sure where you can get a suit of this quality, but I am
sure someone sells them.  It was very pricey, but over the long haul worth
every penny.  My daughter has been through so many rain suits that we have
lost count.some of which only last a few days!  


Kathy Somers

Somers Family Farm

Barnet, VT  05821

visit us on www.facebook.com/somersfamilyfarmstand



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Do these rain suits hold up to the ups and downs and bending of veggie
harvesting?  Thanks.

Thomas P Hurtgen   (7b)

hurtgenmeadows at gmail.com


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