[Market-farming] compact flourescents for plant starting

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at outlands.ca
Wed Mar 2 10:13:34 EST 2011

A tad off-topic, but I did a bit of research on the topic of lightning
for growing seedlings.  In the end, I am going to go with metal-halyde
(MH) instead of fluorescent.  Even at a small scale, it end up being
cheaper than fluorescent.  I contacted a local store specialized in
indoor gardening, and I can get a 1000W MH system for around 250$.  To
get the equivalent in fluorescent would cost me upward of 300$ in
fixture and tube, and end up being quite unwieldly to setup.  The light
temperature for growing vegetable seedlings will also be much better
using a 6400K MH bulb then using cool white fluorescent at 4000K.

Another option I considered was high-intensity CFL.  Amazon has them
pretty cheap:


Note that I am growing at a market scale for the first time this year,
so I have no experience yet.  The above info is just based on my
research so far.

On 11-02-27 06:50 PM, Beth Spaugh wrote:
> Apologies.  I looked through the market-farming achives back to
> November, and couldn't figure out how to do same for high-tunnels. 
> There was discussion of using a strip of compact flourescents instead of
> the 4-foot tubes.  It included a photo? instructions/parts for wiring
> them in series, and recommendations of types of CFL (wavelength).  Would
> ya'll please repeat the basics.  I am out of lights and really hate the
> ballasts and 4-foot bulbs.
> Thank you.
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