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Does anyone use shadecloth or misting to prevent bolting and gain more maturity in summer lettuce?


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>> Part of the trick to summer lettuce in general is to harvest it young.  
>> I start lettuce as transplants and do 9 or 10 plantings a year, two to  
>> three weeks apart; and use shadecloth.
>Yeah, I agree here.  Do not forget water.  Water defeats heat in terms of changing the flavor.
>What we do is is micro to medium in terms of harvest, never letting the lettuce mature...earlier depending on the variety.  I think its also to key to find other greens to supplement or beef up the texture, color, and flavor.  Call it seasonal...as other varieties do better.  Forego lettuce all together and work a swiss chard, mizuna, micro radish, arugula, micro Kohlrabi, and micro beet green.  Then you bulk up with one or two varieties of lettuce (we use deer tongue and shanghai red oakleaf which seems to do well season and do transplants).  Right now we also have a nice buttercrunch variety that is doing very well.
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