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Mon Jun 13 08:39:33 EDT 2011

  One of my price guides is: if it keeps, hold on and get yr $ back.  
Garlic seed on the market is $22 a#, if you order early.(fortunatly i,  
and i hope you don't pay that). $10 a # for scapes is reasonable. You  
deserve a 5cent raise. Your pricing may be arbitrary, but then so are  
kubota parts, taxes and fuel cost. My pitch is 'eat yr veges like your  
life depended on it'. After $3-400/mo health insurance payments,  
there's more value in $40 for selenium rich,murcury free garlic? The  
chinese have tanked our mkt w/ junk. White rot infestations on the  
west coast will soon be forcing prices to rise even more. It's our job  
to educate and cultivate.

  Back to Asparagus, I  raised my ph this year and Viola ! no beetles.  
Asp likes 7.2+. An experienced grower once recomended shirly poppies  
as a cover, yet to try. But then they are in Northern NY, dif weed  
presure then the jungles of Va.
I second no buckwheat.soybeans?
  Where Pam?
Ann, Lucky moon Farm, Va,zone 7 and climbing.

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