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(I saw the thread on old drip tape and I have to say my experience so far has been about the same and I'm not going to use 8 Mil except maybe when I use my bed shaper/mulch layer and maybe not then.  I'd also like to say that I've had similar experience with row cover, the lightweight stuff just seems to get shredded in the wind around here and hardly seems worth the trouble of laying down.  I've also had trouble with the stakes just pulling out of the ground and flying across the field, either that or a big chunk of row cover rips off.  This year I've had a lot of problems with wind this year actually, it flattened my asparagus and even snapped a couple of young trees I had staked up.  Oh well such is life.

I got 11 Chinese Chestnut trees, bare root, for a dollar apiece and all but one leafed out.  Couldn't pass that up.  Any wisdom on these out there?.  I know they need good drainage but I thought I'd pick some brains before I planted them to give them the best chance.  I'm also thinking about planting a hazelnut hedge.  I bought some Apple serviceberries, heard they were kind of like blueberries but we will see I suppose.  I've heard of them but never had any.  A friend suggested "Choke Berries"  He said they were a delicacy in Europe but I've never heard of them.  Heard of Choke Cherries, but not Choke berries.  He was also selling Pinon Pines but pine nuts are pretty tedious to shell so I'm probably going to pass on those although I do like pine nuts, especially in pesto.


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