[Market-farming] new drip tape

Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Sun Jun 5 21:30:25 EDT 2011

On Jun 5, 2011, at 8:06 PM, sora at coldreams.com wrote:

>> If you're thinking of replacing your drip tape I highly recommend the
> soaker hose made of recycled tires.  I have some I've been using for  
> 10
> years now with no problems or hassles. At the worst one of the ends  
> may
> go and is easily repaired with a simple hose end repair.  It is  
> possible
> to get it in huge rolls and set your own hose ends.

I've heard from home gardeners who said that even with a filter their  
soaker hose clogged up in fairly short order and quit working. It also  
seems that it would be a whole lot harder to move around in large  
quantities -- isn't it heavy? And, if it's from recycled tires, is  
their any question of its leaching miscellanous materials out into the  

And what does it cost, if you need thousands of feet of it? I've never  
seen it in longer lengths than 50' or maybe 100'.

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